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Club Chairman

Jarrod Sykes

Responsible for:

  • Overall running of the football club, and the football section within the wider Timperley Sports Club

  • Ensuring the football committee is fit for purpose and effective

  • Representative on Timperley Sports Club Executive Committee attending meetings and providing updates

  • Contact for Cheshire FA and the FA

Club Secretary

Position Vacant

Responsible for:

  • Attending monthly league meetings on behalf of the club

  • Player registration paperwork and league liaison

  • Contact point for league/other clubs

  • Dealing with queries from coaches

  • Annual completion of club information required by the league and FA

Player and Parent Liaison

Jonny Cowan

Responsible for:

  • Contact point for parent issues and queries

  • Escalation point for any parent, year group, or coach issues

Club Admin

Louise Thomson

Responsible for:

  • Oversees annual paperwork and registration processes, providing guidance to year group coaches

  • Manages master player registration spreadsheet with parent contact details

  • Manages master coaches contact spreadsheet

  • Manages coaches qualifications, DBS, safeguarding expiry dates

  • Sends out committee comms to parent groups

  • Contact point for parent enquiries around subs and processes


Catherine Stephenson

Responsible for

  • Management and administration of club finances

  • Ensuring a system in place to track income and expenditure on a timely basis

  • Managing club cash flow to ensure funds at season start for pitch hire, affiliation fees etc.

  • Overseeing bank account - managing online banking, acting as cheque signatory, banking monies received promptly, creating and maintaining a cash book, ensuring all payments made on time and recorded, ensuring all member subscriptions paid on time

  • Preparing a club annual budget

  • Creating annual income and expenditure statements and balance sheets for review by external accountants and the FA

  • Supporting all fundraising and sponsorship opportunities

Welfare Officer

Carly Cash

Responsible for

  • Maintains club processes and policies on safeguarding making sure they are up to date and fit for purpose

  • Attends Cheshire FA Safeguarding and welfare meetings

  • Administers coach and volunteer DBS check processes

Social Media

Mike Ripley

Responsible for:

  • Maintenance of football club website

  • Support on social media channels used (Twitter and Facebook)

Social Secretary

Position Vacant


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